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About where the fuck I have been lately. Hot damn! I can remember back in the day I posted three and four times in one day. What happened? Where did my creativity go? Or my drive to put down in words my day so that you guys could know what I have been doing? I am a terrible blogger.. this I have come to realize. I will eventually get over this and will do my duty to blog more often. This I swear..... even if it isn't on lj or dw - more on that in a bit-

But where have I been? Well a lot of places actually.

The husband and I are doing wonderful well. I love him more and more every day. He is beyond my best friend and I would be lost without him. Over the years Brian nad I have had out share of arguments and fights but we have both taken our marriage and our promise to be awesome and have sex with each other and no one else pretty seriously. Honestly, even when he pisses me off he makes me laugh....

We have been spending an enormous amount of time with Mike and Nicole (who got engaged a few weekends ago and, despite our differences and the struggle it was to get to this position for all of us to be happy and friends and everything - not to mention the time it took for them to finally be together and for the both of them to be happy - I am so thankful they are in my life) and Brittney and Andrew (another couple who we are friends with) and I have to say it is really nice to be friends with other couples. We don't have that single drama and I like it. I am getting to old for all the nonsense... I mean it. Back to Mike and Nicole - I have never met two people who are honestly more perfect for each other in all ways (of course besides Brian and I or Thom and Kim) - He is truly the ying to her yang (boom - phrasing) And I am so pleased that after four long years of them not being able to work it out - they are finally on the right track and I love them both..... so there is all that mushy shit. Fuck - where did that come from???? :)

Work is doing great. I love my job and aside from a few people who aren't my favorite people there. I dig it. I was awarded team mate of the month for the last two months so neener neener - I am good at it and so my life as a collector seems assured... for now.

Because I got some wonderful news. A company (a subsidiary of Random House) is going to publish my novel. The working title is "Two Can Keep A Secret" although I am certain they will change this. I signed my contract today and things are moving along. I got a call today about a pod cast interview with some online retailers and honestly I might have pooped myself a little bit when I set that up. In a week or so I will meet with my editor and things will go from there. I will of course keep you posted so you can all buy like 15 copies as I am sure you will. If you want to send them to me I will even sign them for you. Who knows, maybe it will be a big deal someday and you can sell it on Ebay.

Also as far as my blogging goes, I am going to be going more public. So (this post is currently cross posted to dreamwidth and livejournal as well as my blog https://chubbyblogger.wordpress.com

I won't be posting here much. Not that I don't love my private blogs but I feel the need to have a public face for people who aren't on lj or dw. I might still post there from time to time so that I can say nasty things about people (jokes) or that I can say darker things that maybe I don't want to be public.

In any event my meds are kicking in so it is time for sleep. I will keep posting with book updates and life updates and updates about the status of the cats and how their war over the liter box is heating up in the guest bathroom.

Love, peace and chicken grease

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22/7/14 02:35 (UTC)
Posted by [personal profile] flipflops_and_pearls
read this first on wp...but couldn't figure out how to comment...don't judge! lol

OMG I AM SO FREAKING PROUD OF YOU!! You know I will buy a copy and send it to you to sign!!! OMG... I told you, you are a REAL WRITER!!! *squeeeeeeee*

Thom and I ....we shouldn't be anyone's look at them they're awesome right now. But thanks!!! I appreciate it!

I understand needing a public face and will do my best to follow you!!!

Miss you! Love you!!


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